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don’t sweat social media.

remember all the hullabaloo about 2 or 3 years ago when all those news stories came out, telling you to make your online profiles completely private and to basically make any record of yourself unsearchable on the interwebz? thank goodness that’s over.

for those of you saying to yourself, “wait, it’s over?” i’m here to tell you, it’s over. dead. pushing up daisies. extinct.

but hold on. before you go crazy, letting the world see those pictures of yourself passed out in your own puke, pleease note that i’m not saying that potential employers need to see EVERYTHING. however, it seems that these days, letting your style and interests show through in your online profiles seems to do more good than harm.

in an interview for my current job, one of the interviewers mentioned that he’d been looking at my twitter and saw that i was tweeting about the reality show “the cougar” the night before, which they also had watched. yes, a somewhat silly topic to connect on, but it was almost like a “hey! it’s a real person!” and worked to my advantage in that sense.

one of my favorite ways to display some interests is to become a “fan” of things on facebook – in most cases, it can be seen when someone looks you up on facebook even if they can’t see your profile. so, if you don’t want them totally invading your privacy and lurkin’ on your facebook turf, there’s always the option to give them a little peek of what you’re like. so tweet ’til your heart’s content, facebook ’til your face falls off, and love linkedin without fear! just sayin’.