about my B.S. is BS

let’s face it: these days, a college degree is about as common as a high school diploma. and for struggling recent (and not-so-recent) graduates, the validity of that piece of paper may come into question preeee-tty often.  personally, after almost a year of searching, 20+ interviews, and a stack of rejection letters about as tall as my 5’4″ frame before i secured my first “real world” position (which i coincidentally love), i learned a few things. namely, that being the only person in the theatre at a matinee showing of “the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2” is definitely not as liberating as it seems. 

this blog is designed not as just a sounding board or as a source of comic relief for those who’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of job-hunting or job-coping, but i also want it to serve as a tool of empowerment.  because, when it comes down to it, your degree is just a piece of paper. what else do you have to offer?

send submissions to: mybsisbs@gmail.com


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